Frequently Asked Questions

How many wallpaper rolls should I get?

Our panels are 2 feet by 4 feet.
You can find the calculator in every design or download our instructions here:

How many decals should I get?

It's entirely up to you, it will vary depending on the look you’re going for. We have half and full sets, on the description of each design you can find the number of decals on each set.

We recommend measuring your wall and with a pencil mark where each decal would go, so you get an idea of what your Wallery would look like.

Are your decals removable?

Yes! They are not designed to be continually removed and re-stuck, but if you are applying and you make a mistake you can peel off carefully and re-stick it in the position desired. We do not guarantee they won't get damaged.

They should peel off easily but if you can’t remove them use a blow dryer at the corner of the decal and gently peel the sticker off the wall.

Can I stick them to a texturized wall?

We recommend sticking them to walls with little or no texture. You can stick them basically to any smooth surface. You can always try with a sample, to make sure it will work! 

Can I apply them to freshly painted walls?

We recommend waiting at least 30 days after you painted your walls. Paint takes a while to be fully cured and your paint might fall off if you apply them before.

Will they damage my wall?

It shouldn’t leave a mess or evidence that the sticker was on your wall, but sometimes there may be situations where the paint is loose and will be damaged. We recommend testing the stickers before applying.

Where can I apply them?

Basically anywhere! Be aware that exposing them to constant steam or heat can shorten the life of your decal.

The color that you want is not listed, what can you do?

Email us at! We are more than happy to see what we can do.

Do you make custom designs?

Yes, email us at with your request.

Can I buy a sample?

Absolutely! We recommend you always do. Samples are final sale.

We offer samples of all our wallpaper and decals, order one to make sure you love them and to make sure they work on your surface. Wallpaper samples are 8x10" and decal samples vary in size depending on the design. We ship one design per decal set, if you want a specific design please message us.

Can I apply wallpaper to a bathroom?

Yes you can! We do recommend to have some type of ventilation (window or fan).

How long will my wallpaper last?

It could last for years!

Should I order all my wallpaper at once?

Yes please do, even though we keep it really consistent we might have some color variation between batches.

 Can I change my order once it's placed?

Please reach us within 12 hours of placing the order. We can’t guarantee changes to your order once it’s placed. If your order has been printed we won’t be able to cancel it.

What type of material do you use?

Peel and stick vinyl! We use white vinyl with no texture to print our decals. For our wallpaper we use a textured vinyl (fabric like).