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40 Spice Labels

40 Spice Labels

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The best way to organize your pantry is with our labels, make your life easier with our simple and beautiful labels!

Our labels are printed in a peel and stick white matte vinyl. Our material is waterproof, but we do not recommend submerging it. Simply clean them with a cloth.


Pick a set and a label size, and on the "personalization instructions" box prior to placing your order write down the font that you would like.

For a custom set select the custom label option with the size and set that you want and in the "personalization instructions" box and enter the names you would like on your labels.

Jars are not included.

Set of 20:
1. Allspice
2. Basil
3. Bay Leaf
4. Cayenne
5. Chili Powder
6. Cinnamon
7. Cloves
8. Crushed Red Pepper
9. Cumin
10. Curry Powder
11. Garlic Powder
12. Ginger
13. Nutmeg
14. Onion Powder
15. Oregano
16. Paprika
17. Rosemary
18. Sage
19. Thyme
20. Turmeric

Set of 40 (previous 20 plus the following):
21. Black Pepper
22. Cajun Seasoning
23. Cardamom
24. Celery Seed
25. Chives
26. Cinnamon Sticks
27. Coriander
28. Dill
29. Fennel
30. Five Spice Powder
31. Garam Masala
32. Herbes de Provence
33. Italian Seasoning
34. Lemon Pepper
35. Mustard
36. Parsley
37. Poppy Seed
38. Sea Salt
39. Smoked Paprika
40. Tarragon

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